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  • HPM

    Die Casting Machines

    HPM was incorporated in 1877 as the Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Company in Mount Gilead, Ohio, with the purpose to design and build hydraulic presses for the extraction of apple cider. During the early 1900’s HPM produced metal forming presses and developed its own pumps and valves to increase metal working press performance. With the development of plastic materials, HPM was one of the first manufacturers of injection molding machines. HPM was considered a leader in plastic processing technology with numerous patents including the double and triple wave screws. In 1955 HPM purchased the Castmaster Die Cast Machine line and grew to be a technology leader in die casting.

    In March of 2011, Guangdong YIZUMI Precision Machinery Company, a well-known Chinese manufacturer of injection molding, die casting,and rubber injection molding machines purchased all of the intellectual property of the HPM Corporation and opened HPM North America Corporation with manufacturing facilities and offices in Marion, Ohio

    HPM North America Corporation continues to provide world class performance Die Casting machines and Injection Molding machines. HPM North America also continues to provide parts and service for all existing HPM machinery in the market.