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  • Shaefer Furnaces

    Melters, Holders, Launders

    Radiant Roof Melter

    The Schaefer Group, Inc. designs, builds and installs world-class aluminum melting and holding furnaces, and molten aluminum delivery systems. They are known for:

    • The Schaefer Group, Inc. (SGI) interconnected system of aluminum furnaces designed for safe, high quality, no labor, non-turbulent free molten aluminum transfer;
    • SGI on-line continuous molten aluminum degassing and filtration;
    • SGI continuous uninterrupted production low pressure casting technology for highest integrity castings;
    • SGI high recovery light weight aluminum scrap (chips) reclaiming furnaces;
    • SGI “in-cell” electric melting and holding furnaces (no need to transport scrap back to a central cast-house furnace, and then return to the casting cell with molten metal);
    • Ultra-efficient SGI aluminum furnace linings;
    • Unique SGI molten aluminum transfer ladles;
    • Combinations of options to achieve extreme energy efficiency and world-class process control systems;
    • SGI immersion electric low energy aluminum holding furnaces; and
    • SGI “multi-tasking” aluminum furnaces.

    Moving furnaces for Pace Industries in Harrison Ar. And Monroe City MO. Also for Ahresty Willmington in Willmington , OH and for Pace Industries in Grafton, WI

    The Schaefer Group does turnkey installation all over the world which sometimes includes tearing out and moving the existing furnace.

    The Schaefer Group, Inc. has designed, built and installed many of the world’s largest automotive-type molten aluminum furnace delivery systems (for instance: 23,405 kg/hr. capacity of 800o C engine head, block and wheel quality molten aluminum, delivered through 122 meters of heated launder system; 104 meters of heated launder and heated Dip Well Furnaces laid out in a system continuously delivering molten aluminum to 20 high pressure die casting machines; continuous low pressure casting furnace systems for high production and quality engine head and block precision sand castings; etc.).

    There is probably not another aluminum furnace design and manufacturing firm in the world that has had the proven production experience and innovation design reputation in aluminum casting foundries than that of The Schaefer Group, Inc. This extends to aluminum melting, holding, and molten metal cleaning. SGI has world leadership in high pressure die casting systems, lost foam and precision sand casting methodologies. You have not explored all of the high quality/high production/design innovation possibilities in aluminum foundry furnaces until you have talked to The Schaefer Group, Inc.